The Benefits of Physical Therapy as an alternative to Surgery

Back pain is a pervasive, painful problem for many Americans. In fact, the Global Burden of Disease found that 50% of working Americans experience back symptoms each year. Back pain, the leading cause of disability worldwide,is one of the most common reasons why people miss or are unable to work. Therefore, at NeuSpine Institute we are committed to providing relief from back pain to our patients for optimal quality of life. While some back pain issues might require surgery, the option of physical therapy prior to surgery might have benefits.

Why you should try physical therapy before surgery?

Physical therapy for back pain strengthens and supports the structures around the spine and the related joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. These exercises are important for people with chronic back pain problems because it promotes the strengthening of the core muscles, a group of muscles necessary to perform daily jobs and activities.

A consultation with one of our neurosurgeons will determine if and how physical therapy can benefit you. If your condition can be helped by physical therapy, you will meet with a NeuSpine therapist who will work with you to create a tailored treatment plan to relieve pain and get you back to being active back.

The research supports the advantages of physical therapy. For example, the Cleveland Clinic has found that “95% of herniated disc patients would not require surgery if they addressed their symptoms with a therapist who could help them with the rehabilitation of the injured area”.

When back pain becomes an issue, patients have options for treatment. Physical therapy has proven itself to be a cost-effective and results-oriented alternative to surgery when it comes to rehabilitation of the injured area.

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