IV Therapy and Healing After Surgery

Monday, Aug 26, 2019

It’s no surprise that healthier people heal faster and have better post-surgical results. A healthy individual is well nourished and consumes an adequate amount of daily micronutrients in the form of fruits and vegetables, as well as maintaining a normal BMI. Unfortunately, many Americans are malnourished, overweight and battling diabetes or other health issues. This is mostly attributed to the processed, nutrient-poor food that many Americans consume.

Insufficiencies in micronutrients and vitamins have a negative impact on the immune system and ability to heal. Surgical patients with deficits in micronutrients and vitamins are more susceptible to serious complications, as well as bruising, swelling, inflammation and promotion of wound healing. Individuals who are about to undergo a surgical procedure should take steps to ensure immune function is at an optimal level for expedient healing and recovery. The introduction of optimal intravenous nutritional supplementation both before and after a surgical procedure can positively impact the healing process.

How Tampa IV Therapy Can Help a Patient Heal After Surgery

IV Therapy is a procedure now offered by NeuSpine Institute. A patient who undergoes the procedure will have essential vitamins and nutrients introduced directly to his or her bloodstream intravenously, this will ensure optimum absorption and a positive impact on the body. The IV dosage size and nutrients introduced will depend on the patient and needs of the individual, but a typical IV treatment will be made up of a combination of:

  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids

It is important to note that it has long been documented that amino acids play an important role in building muscle in the body. The IV introduction of amino acids can therefore help muscles heal after surgery.

The increased dosage and improved absorption rates that can be achieved through intravenous therapy make it the ideal solution for perioperative wound care and healing.

IV therapy can even be tailored to bolster collagen, which helps provide skin with structural integrity, with an infusion of vitamin C and other nutrients.

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