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The spine is one of the most complex and intricate structures in the human body and houses the spinal cord while offering strength and mobility. However, the spinal canal and spinal cord are susceptible to injury, and the many joints that make up the spine can each cause a different type of pain. The origins of back and neck pain are often multifactorial and complex and can lead to misdiagnosis and surgery which does not help to alleviate the symptoms.

  • Neck discomfort with radiation to the arms/hands

  • Loss of fine motor control in the hands

  • Balance problems, leading to falls or an unsteady feeling

  • Nerve pain in the arms or legs, including burning, numbness

  • Back pain with radiation to the legs/feet

  • Gluteal or leg pain worse with walking and improved with sitting down

About NeuSpine Institute

At NeuSpine Institute we focus on providing a personalized and comprehensive treatment specific to each patient. Our mission is to offer the most advanced and innovative care to all of our patients.

Our doctors are highly trained in minimally invasive surgery and conservative, interventional and non-interventional, treatment options.

We are a compassionate group of doctors looking to make a difference in our patients lives.


Armen Deukmedjian, MD, FAANS
Armen Deukmedjian, MD is a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon, specializing in minimally invasive solutions for both simple and complex spinal pathologies. His focus is on surgical and non-surgical treatments of debilitating neck and back pain.
Amir Ahmadian, MD, FAANS
Amir Ahmadian, MD is a Fellowship-trained Neurosurgeon who specializes in complex minimally invasive spine surgery. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Behavior Biology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.
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