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The spinal column is a complex structure and it serves many important purposes, the key being to provide strength and mobility while acting as a highway by which to relay messages between the brain and the body. Unfortunately, the spinal cord is prone to injury (SCI) and damage that can occur at birth or later in life. Each vertebra possesses a cartilaginous form joint that is designed for bearing-weight, and damage to each can cause a different type of pain.

To a neurologist from our Wesley Chapel, FL NeuSpine Institute office it is important to listen to the pain and understand what it is telling us. This is important because failure to listen to the voice of the particular spinal structure can lead to misdiagnosis and a surgical procedure which does not relieve symptoms.

The Wesley Chapel Florida medical professionals from NeuSpine Institute specialize in completing a physical examination, comparing the information learned to the complete medical history and designing a treatment plan that fits the specific needs of a patient. The typical questions will include:

  • When did the pain start?
  • Was there an injury you believe caused the pain?
  • Where do you notice the pain? What is the intensity of the pain?
  • Do you feel the pain in other parts of the body?
  • What makes the pain worse?
  • What makes the pain go away?
  • Have you experienced any problems with your bowels or bladder?

The thorough medical history and physical examination are vital because, to our Wesley Chapel, FL spinal column medical professionals spinal surgery is a last resort. Non-surgical methods of spinal cord pain treatment are always preferred, these include:

  • Interventional pain management or pain blocking
  • Spinal joint manipulation through chiropractic care
  • Stem-cell-based or PRP-based spinal regenerative techniques
  • Physical therapy techniques including heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical nerve stimulators, stretching, strengthening and low impact physical conditioning.

The NeuSpine Institute spinal cord specialists treating patient in our Wesley Chapel, FL location strongly suggest that any person who has experienced or is experiencing the below signs that the efficiency of the brain has been impacted, or spinal pain, make an appointment to meet with a neurosurgeon. Failure to take a pro-active approach to your health can result in further deterioration.

  • Neck pain that radiates to the arms and potentially the hands
  • Loss of fine motor skills, such as the ability to easily button a shirt or manipulate a zipper
  • Balance problems when walking, climbing stairs or simply standing to complete basic activities
  • Nerve pain, numbness or burning that can be felt in the arms or legs
  • Back pain that travels or radiates to the legs and feet
  • Leg or gluteal pain that is worse when walking
  • Numbness, tingling or weakness in the arms or legs
  • Immediate pain in the back when lifting something extraordinarily heavy
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Loss of control of your foot, or numbness in the foot.

Our Wesley Chapel, FL-based spine surgeons are fellowship-trained neurosurgeons who specialize in treatment plans that are squarely aimed at making you FEEL GOOD AGAIN.