The use of stem cells in orthopedic and spinal cord surgery has become increasingly popular, particularly in the medical treatment of injuries involving tendons, ligaments, bone and the cartilage between the bones. When a musculoskeletal injury is not treated correctly, a patient can have continuing symptoms like bone defects, a permanent failure to heal after a broken bone. When a patient does not have his or her bones heal properly, motion can continue across an area. For some patients, the continued motion in the area of the injury will continue to cause pain similar to that of a broken bone that does not heal.

Therapeutic Use Of Stem Cells In Treatment

The use of stem cells to heal the body can be accomplished using a type of cell that can be pushed to differentiate into the damaged cell type. This type of cell is referred to as a progenitor cell, and it is primarily retrieved directly from bone marrow and is then injected into the damaged tissues to speed the repair process. After differentiation, Mesenchymal stem cells can support:

  • Cartilage formation

  • Bone formation

  • Fat formation

  • Muscle formation

  • Ligament and tendon formation

  • Neuron-like formation

There has been many sources of stem cells studied for orthopedic surgical procedures; however, no optimal source of stem cells has yet been identified.

Fractured bones and joint injuries caused by accident trauma account for a large number of orthopedic surgical procedures. The methods by which medical professionals treat these injuries have advanced consistently, thus improving patient satisfaction and quality of life. Still, it is not unheard of for a medical complication to arise; therefore, there is a need for stem cell procedures.

Traumatic spinal cord injury is another common condition and, unfortunately, recovery rates are quite low. The good news is that the recent use of stem cells to stimulate nerve fiber regeneration has proven beneficial to patients with neurological damage.

The Future Of Stem Cells In Surgical Procedures

The application of stem cells in surgical procedures is still relatively new, but the exciting possibilities for the use of the cells in the treatment of various injuries has been demonstrated. In surgery to correct trauma, the use of stem cells will continue to change the way medical professionals treat patients.

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