The neurosurgeons from the NeuSpine Institute Brandon medical office often explain to patients that the spinal cord is an elaborate cylinder of nerves that begins at the base of a person’s brain and then travels down the vertebral canal to the backbone. This happens to be one part of the body’s collection of nerves, that, when we pair it with the brain, we refer to it as the central nervous system. The segments of the spinal cord each contain a pair of roots that are composed of important vital nerve fibers. This complicated system of nerves acts as a superhighway of sorts which shuttles the messages from the brain and the rest of the body.

The NeuSpine Institute Brandon, FL medical professionals will then explain that the spinal column is an intricate bone structure which houses the spinal cord and allows the passage of the nerves that travel from the spinal cord out to the rest of the body. The spinal column:

  • Protects the nerves of the spinal cord
  • Supports the weight of the human skull
  • Helps maintain balance
  • Allows for stretching, leaning, bending and rotating
  • Absorbs force and impact.

The only problem is that for as strong as the spinal column is, the spinal cord is quite delicate, fragile and prone to one or many spinal cord injuries (SCI). The many ways in which a spinal spinal cord injury can occur include:

  • Damage to the spinal column in which the spinal cord is bruised, impacted or compacted
  • Age related wear and tear of the spinal column, leading to stenosis, which is a narrowing of the intervertebral canal
  • Over-stretching of the spinal cord
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Falls
  • Sports related accidents.

To a neurologist from our Brandon, FL NeuSpine Institute office it is important to take a complete medical history of the person who has been injured. This will include the presenting complaint, a history the presenting complaint which will include the disclosure of any significant trauma and a history of any treatment incorporating medication or a physician. This is important because failure to listen to the medical history can result in an incorrect diagnosis and an invasive surgical procedure that does not relieve symptoms. Some questions asked will include:

  • When did you first notice the pain?
  • Was there an accident or injury that first caused the pain?
  • Where do you feel the pain?
  • What is the intensity of the pain?
  • Have you noticed the pain in other parts of the body?
  • Is there anything that makes the pain worse?
  • What minimizes the pain?
  • Have you experienced any bowel or bladder irregularity?

The in-depth medical history and in-house examination are necessary because the NeuSpine Institute surgeons consider surgery to be a last resort. Non-surgical treatment for spinal cord pain is always preferred, it can include:

  • Pain blocking
  • Spinal joint manipulation
  • Stem-cell spinal regenerative techniques
  • PRP-based spinal regenerative techniques
  • The application of physical therapy techniques including heat, ice and strengthening.

The spinal cord specialists treating spinal cord injuries in our Brandon location suggest making an appointment to see a neurologist if you are suffering any of the below listed signs that the efficiency of the brain has been impacted or ongoing spinal pain. Taking a wait and see approach to your health can result in the condition worsening.

  • Neck pain that radiates to the arms and potentially the hands
  • Loss of fine motor skills, such as the ability to easily button a shirt or manipulate a zipper
  • Balance problems when walking, climbing stairs or simply standing to complete basic activities
  • Nerve pain, numbness or burning that can be felt in the arms or legs
  • Back pain that travels or radiates to the legs and feet
  • Leg or gluteal pain that is worse when walking
  • Numbness, tingling or weakness in the arms or legs
  • Immediate pain in the back when lifting something extraordinarily heavy
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Loss of control of your foot, or numbness in the foot.

Our Brandon, FL-based spine surgeons are fellowship-trained neurosurgeons who specialize in spinal cord injury treatment plans that are aimed at making you FEEL GOOD AGAIN.